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How does the Wholesale Partnership Program work? If you provide breastfeeding services, sell breast pumps, maternity or infant items, the Simple Wishes Bustier is a natural addition to your business. Our wholesale pricing structure is designed to be very profitable and Simple Wishes customer service & sales representatives are available to help you through your start-up phase.

How does the Affiliate Program work? If you are a pharmacy that offers breast pumps or medical facility treating pre and postnatal patients or their newborn babies this program is for you. For every patient you refer that purchases from Simple Wishes you receive a commission. Simple Wishes customer service & sales representatives are available to help you through your start-up phase.

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The reviews are in...

"I am so happy that I found this bra!! It has made my time at work more productive while pumping at my desk I can e-mail and don’t feel guilty like I am wasting time and can still be a good Mom and pump milk for the baby (4 mths old) while I am working. My shoulders used to tense up while holding up the breast shields. Since I am more relaxed I feel like the milk is flowing quicker then before, which makes for a more productive pumping session."
Yorktown, VA
"I would recommend the SW over any other hands-free bra. The "how to wear" instructions were fine. I thought fitting the bra was somewhat self explanatory. The illustrations on the package were helpful. I love the fabric, it's soft and strong. It firmly holds the bottles. I can stand, hold a baby, move around, and I'm not at all worried about losing the bottles or milk."

San Francisco, CA
"Great, innovative product. This hands free pumping bra is superior to the other pumping bras I have tried previously. First, this product is made of quality material which feels great against the skin. Second, I can move around while pumping and no leaks at all. Third, great costumer service (reply back via e-mail within minutes). Overall, I am very satisfied costumer."

Sacramento, CA
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